Clynton Lowry, Invisible Art Handler (2021)

Presented as part of the group exhibition In Support at The Kitchen, alongside works by Fia Backström, Francisca Benítez, and Papo Colo. Organized by Alison Burstein and on view November 18, 2021–March 12, 2022 at 512 West 19th Street. To view the exhibition booklet, click here .

The Invisible Art Handler series includes six 360-degree videos (Monitor, Mop, Ladder, Light, Cables, and Chop Saw). At The Kitchen, six QR codes placed throughout the building link to these videos, which portray standard maintenance tasks with the person enacting them missing from the frame.

The Invisible Art Handler Website adds another layer to this project by making a series of art handling tools accessible in AR. Allowing viewers to handle these objects on their own terms, this site invites viewers to experiment with the creative potential of looking at and touching these virtual objects both within and outside of The Kitchen's building.

Filming and Editing: Eli Marias (Concrete Pictures)
Film Production Assistance: Zach Miller, Joe Wakeman
3D Scans & Animation, Web Design & Development: Tee Topor
AR Soundtrack: Chris Rogy

For the full AR experience, view this site on a mobile device with Safari.
To view the 360-degree videos on your phone or desktop, use your finger or cursor to navigate through the space.